• Catalyst Handling: The next levelOur Goal is to take our service to the next level of safety, quality and productivity
  • Industrial Cleaning: The Next LevelOur goal is to take our service to the next level of safety, quality and productivty
  • Family Owned since 1929Mourik is a flexible and reliable organization whose workforce operates as a team together with clients and other interested parties solving the probelms and getting the jobs done in a highly innovative and safe manner with respect for hjuman beings, society and environment
  • Safety, quality and productivityMourik considers safety as an integral part of our business and performance
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Mourik, Inc.

Photo of Mourik USA's office

With more than 35 years of experience in catalyst handling throughout the world Mourik is known as a leader in the industry with commitment to innovation and safety. Mourik, Inc. has been in operation in the USA since June of 2004 and has seen continuous growth every quarter since founded. Mourik, Inc. has executed successful projects all over the country with the highest safety standards and sustainable results. Since our inception Mourik, Inc. has executed a variety of catalyst handling projects including; vacuuming, un-loading, re-loading of fixed catalyst beds, dense loading projects, Tubular projects and mechanical work. Mourik performs projects more efficient resulting in shorter timelines because of our unique equipment (mostly in-house developed). The company is continually raising the bar in respect to safety and quality in order to exceed the OSHA and NIOSH regulations.

Catalyst handling and Specialized tank cleaning 

Photo of Mourik EmployeesHigh pressure cleaning and vacuum cleaning, chemical cleaning, cleaning and repairing of storage tanks and sewers, grit-blasting and painting, working in inert and toxic atmospheres, catalyst handling, asbestos removal and plant shut-downs.

For decades Mourik is a leading company in the field of industrial cleaning and catalyst handing. With this experience, our skilled workers and our modern equipment, Mourik is engaged in these activities on a world-wide scale, with branches in e.g. The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, England, Italy, Aruba, Venezuela, United States, Saudi-Arabia and South-East Asia. Catalyst handing is the specialty of Mourik International B.V., the organization that provides world-wide reactor related services. Our large fleet, among which VLG/ADR-approved vacuum trucks, high pressure units, bundle cleaners, catalyst loading systems, life support units, and other specialist equipment, primarily developed and manufactured under our own management.